Water Saving Devices

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Water saving devices are worth considering, especially if you are on a meter as this will reduce your bill.

Each person on average uses 150 litres per day, most of this is used in the bathroom.

Water Saving devices - Bathrooms

Water Saving toilet

If you are looking to replace your toilet, it is worth looking at a dual flush device cistern. Many toilets are produced with a push button. Look for a cistern with two buttons, one for a partial flush 4 litres and the other for full flush 6 litres. This allows you to choose how much water you use.

Saving Water Devices - Water saving taps

Water saving taps are available, which can save up to 7 litres per minute. If you find taps are left on especially in businesses there are taps which have an automatic shut off devices. These are normally taps which you will need to push down.

Hippo Water Saver devices

The Hippo water saver is a polyethylene open ended box, which when placed in your cistern; it will save the amount of water inside the box. Depending on your type of toilet will depend on the amount saved.

  • Pre 1991 - 9 litres in volume or more, saving 3 litres
  • 1992-2001 - 7.5 litres in volume, saving up to 2.5 litres
  • 2001 onwards - It should be 6 litres in volume and should not be reduce with any device
  • The pay back on a hippo saver is between 8 - 12 weeks.

Interflush devices

If you have a front mounted flush handle, an Interflush can be fitted. It fits on top of your original siphon.

To use the Interflush all you need to do is hold down the handle until the bowel is clear. Release the handle and the flow is stopped.

Shower heads

There are several different water saving shower heads available. These can work in different ways restricting flow, aerating and colliding water jets.

Aerating - Creates larger droplets, which are filled with air bubbles, when they hit a surface they explode on impact. This can save up to 75% of water.

Colliding - works by using twin jets of water which collide and produce thousands of tiny droplets as opposed to the conventional single jet.

Free water saving device

Some water companies offer a free water saving device which will fit in your toilet cistern. Contact your local provider to find out if they have anything available.

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Did you know?

Each person on average uses 150 litres of water every day.

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