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There are many different solutions for solar lights, these range from the simple lights for landscaping in your garden, to shed lights, lamp posts and security flood lights. Choosing the right light can be difficult as you need to ensure that the product you choose will give off enough light.

Why use solar powered lights?

Solar power lights do not require electricity and therefore can reduce the amount of energy used, helping to saving money on your energy bill.

They can also be installed where no electricity connection is available.

Garden lights can be installed to add features to your garden, in rockeries, along paths, in ponds and as part of a wood decking.

How does solar powered lights work?

Solar powered lights have a small solar panel which can either be incorporated as part of the light or may be a separate panel which can be placed in a sunny position. The energy from the sun is then used to recharge the batteries in the unit.

The lights also include either an on/off switch or photo cell device, which can detect when the light is low and automatically switches on.

How easy is it to install a solar powered light?

Most solar powered lights can be installed straight from the box. Some of the garden lights include a spike which needs to be pushed into the ground.

The shed lights required the solar panel to be screwed into the shed in a sunny position and the light unit to be fitted inside the shed.

Solar flood lights need to be fitted to the outside of the house in a suitable position; some of these lights have a separate solar panel which will need to be fitted.

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Did you know?

A solar light can be easier to install than a standard light, as no electrical supply is required.

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