Solar Garden Light

Solar Garden Light Solar garden light can be installed quick and easy. There are many different styles of solar light for the garden these can vary from, small spiked lights which you can push straight into the ground to full sized solar lamp posts. Some of these lights give off such low light that they can be more for effect than light.

Before you purchase a solar garden light check the light output, to see if it suitable for your purpose.

The advantage of using a solar light is that you do not need to run electricity to the light, this can both be time consuming and expensive.

To choose the correct light for your garden you will need to decide how much light your require and where you require the light.

If you are planning to light up a small footpath then the spiked style may be enough. These lights normally give off a low light light, so you may need a few spread along the side of the path.

Solar lamp post

To light up a large area without electricity the a solar lamp post may be the solution. The lamp post can be installed anywhere for additional light. They normally have several LED bulbs to increase the amount of light. The wattage of these lights can be equal to 15 to 75 Watts, depending on how many LED's are installed.

Other styles of solar garden light

There are other styles of solar garden light these include:

  • Recessed deck and ground light
  • Solar floating pond light
  • Solar spot light
  • Christmas lights
  • Novelty lights
  • Wall light

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