Solar Energy Projects

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Solar energy projects are best for applications where a small amount of electricity is required and where there is no electrical connection currently available.

Because electric solar panels only generate power during the day, the energy is typically stored in batteries until it is required. Power inverters are then used to convert the power back to mains voltage if required.

A typical example for solar energy projects would be to provide mains quality lighting to a shed or garage. A comparatively small amount of energy is required to power this sort of lighting, and in many cases, a solar installation would be considerably cheaper than providing a mains electricity connection.

Electric solar panels are not so cost effective where large amounts of electrical power is required, or when most of the power demand is likely to be in the winter when the sun is at its weakest.

Examples of good use for solar Energy Projects

Example What makes it 'good'

Lock Up Garage lighting and security alarm

Small amount of power required to provide lighting for short periods of time. Extremely cost effective compared to providing electrical mains power.


Caravans tend to be used for long periods during the summer and occasional weekend use in the winter - which suits solar power well. Caravans with solar power can go to any camp site and not just those with electrical hook-ups.

Solar electric river day boat

Electric boats are gaining popularity due to their silence and lack of vibration, making them ideal for exploring waterways and seeing wildlife close up. The disadvantages of electric boats are in either having a power socket by the river bank to charge the batteries up, or having to remove heavy batteries for charging elsewhere. Solar panels on a day boat can trickle charge the batteries between uses, thereby removing these disadvantages and making solar boating an enjoyable experience.

Road signs

Small amount of power required for some road signs. Solar power means these signs can be put in the best place for sign visibility rather than at the nearest power source.

Electric bike

Electric bikes are gaining popularity as a cheap, efficient and environmentally friendly form of transport. They use very little electricity to provide many miles of range. Fitting solar panels to the roof of a bike shed and a spare set of bike batteries means that the bikes batteries can always be charging up and the batteries packs can simply be swapped over to provide constant use.

Outdoor Security or Courtesy Lighting

Solar power can provide outdoor security or courtesy lighting extremely cost effectively, allowing the light to be fitted in the optimum place for providing light, rather than the optimum place for an electricity supply.

Vending Machines

Solar power can provide power for a vending machine, which means the vending machine can be placed anywhere it is required without the need for an existing electrical supply.

Bus Shelter

Courtesy Lighting Very small amounts of electricity required to provide courtesy lighting to a remote bus shelter at night. By far the most cost effective way of providing electricity to a bus shelter available.

Stable Lighting

Many stables do not have an electricity supply. An electric solar panel can easily provide enough power for stable lighting and security.

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