Renewable Energy

Home wind turbine Using renewable energy or green energy is one of the best ways in which we can reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. This can be either switching to a green energy tariff or investing in your own renewable source to produce energy.

What is Renewable Energy?

Energy which is produced by sun, wind and water will not run out, these are all renewable sources. Most of the electric in the UK is produced by burning fossil fuels, which in time will decline in availability and therefore become more expensive.

What are the advantages of Renewable Energy?

  • Your energy bill will be reduced.
  • Less Fossil fuel is used.
  • It can be used where no electricity is connected e.g. lighting or power to an outside shed.
  • Your Carbon Footprint may be reduced.

What are the disadvantages of Renewable Energy?

  • Most of the technologies in producing green energy are expensive to install.
  • Planning permission may be required to install a wind turbine or solar panels on the roof.
  • Wind turbines and solar panels can look unsightly.
  • These technologies rely on natural sources of wind, rain and sun which are not always available at the rate required to produce enough energy.

What can I do at home?

There are several options for home installation, these are:-

  • Solar power - This can be used for lighting, electricity and battery chargers.
  • Solar water heating - This works alongside your existing hot water system.
  • Wind turbine - You may be able to produce enough energy to run your home and put some back into the national grid.
  • Hydro energy - If you have running water on your property a hydro turbine could be installed. - Discover How Solar Energy Can Help Save Both Money And The Environment.

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Did you know?

Ecotricity in the UK have received planning permission to build the first sun park in the UK.

It will be big enough to produce 1MW of electricity enough to power 280 homes.


Solar Book

The Solar Electricity Handbook is a simple, practical guide to using electric solar panels and designing and installing photovoltaic PV systems.

The Solar Electricity Handbook assumes no previous knowledge of solar power systems, it explains how panels work, how they can be used and explains the steps you need to take to successfully design and install a electric photovoltaic system from scratch.

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