Lead Acid Battery Recycling

Lead acid battery recycling or car battery recycling collection points are available at most household waste recycling centres and by local garages.

G-Wiz lead acid battery pack

If you are buying a new car battery, enquire as to whether the retailer will accept your old battery back to recycle - many of them will have the facilities to do this and will accept the batteries back free of charge.

Because of the dangerous chemicals inside car batteries, it is an offence to dispose of car batteries with normal waste.

Electric Car - Recycle lead acid battery

Electric cars are now being introduced, the first UK production electric car, the G-Wiz has 8 lead acid batteries and some only have a useful battery life of 3 years. As the electric car market increases so will the need to recycle lead acid battery will increase. New battery technology is being introduced, so the future of the electric car will change.

Recycle lead acid battery

Car batteries are made of Lead Acid and need to be disposed of correctly as they are a hazardous item. The acid can burn clothes and skin and severe injuries can occur if lead acid batteries are mishandled.

Before removing a car battery check its condition: if it is leaking, do not touch it - get the battery removed by a professional.

Car batteries can be completely recycled. They are broken down and the materials can be used for different purposes - including building new car batteries. A typical new lead acid battery is made up of 60 - 80 per cent of recycled lead and plastic.

If you have a large number of car batteries to recycle, it is worth finding a local processing site to deliver them to. In bulk, scrap car batteries are valuable and you can often get between £250 and £300 for every tonne of scrap car batteries you want to recycle.

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Did you know?

80,000 tonnes of car batteries are disposed of each year, and unlike household batteries up to 90% of car batteries are recycled.

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