Inkjet Cartridge Recycling

Inkjet cartridge recycling allows your old cartridge to be refilled and resold to use again.

Alternatively, you can refill your existing cartridges using a refill kit: this can save a considerable amount of money compared with buying new cartridges.

There are companies who will buy empty ink cartridges, or you can donate them to charity (many charity shops will gladly accept used inkjet cartridges) - or see if your local school collects them.

Why not buy recycled inkjet cartridges?

These are normally cheaper to buy. Most Computer Shops now sell recycled inkjet cartridges alongside the manufacturers brands, and they are also available online.

When you use a new cartridge look to see if there is a return envelope for your old cartridge, these normally include free postage.

Think before you print!

Do you really need to print out a document? Could you save both paper and ink buy viewing it on screen or saving a document to your hard disk.

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