Green Cleaning Ingredients

Green Cleaning Ingredients There are some main green cleaning ingredients which can be found at home or are fairly cheap to buy.

I have found that I can naturally eco clean most my home using just a few basic ingredients. These all need to be used in the correct quantities see our green cleaning recipes for further details.

Green cleaning Ingredients - Lemon

Lemon juice contains citric acid. It acts as a good natural disinfectant, cuts through grease and can make an ideal substitute for bleach. Lemons also have a fresh smell and mixed with vinegar can neutralise the smell. I have used both the juice from fresh lemons and also bottles of juice.

Green cleaning Ingredients - Vinegar

Vinegar is soured fruit juice, grain or wine and is a mild acid. It acts as a good disinfectant and also cuts through grease, grime, dissolves mineral deposits and is also a very good water softener.

Vinegar works well on a lot of surfaces but when green cleaning do not use it on the following.

  • Hardwood floors - it will make the floor dull and damage the finish
  • No wax floors - It will take away the sheen
  • Unsealed grout - overtime the condition of the grout can deteriorate
  • Stone surfaces - They can be damaged by vinegar.

The good housekeeping institute has stated that vinegar kills 99% bacteria, 82% mould and 80% viruses.

Green cleaning Ingredients - Baking soda

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate and is a great all purpose green cleaner. It acts a good abrasive and is great for cleaning pots, baths and sinks.

Green cleaning Ingredients - Borax

Borax is a natural mineral and is a good alternative to bleach. Borax can also deodorise, remove stains and soften water.

Green cleaning Ingredients - Essential oils

Essential oils can be added to other ingredients to both disinfect and fragrance. There are many different oils available and the choice is up to you. The most popular are Lemon, lavender, jasmine and thyme

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