Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning Ingredients Green cleaning is all about cleaning you home with natural products and not using harmful chemicals. I used to use a mixture of chemicals in the home but made the decision that we wanted our home to be more eco friendly.

Eco friendly cleaning can also work out cheaper than buying manufactured cleaning solutions.

Hazardous chemicals

We looked into the products that we were using and found most of them came with a hazard warning. Using the chemicals in the home carries a higher risk of toxic exposure.

I had to make sure that I was not using any of the products when my husband was at home; as he would immediately start sneezing and his eyes were sore and started watering. I started looking into different ideas, but wanted to find the most environmentally friendly ideas as possible.

If you are planning to stop using manufactured products do not throw them away, instead give them to someone else, so they can be used.

Green cleaning our experience

We have had great results using a mixture of green cleaning ingredients including water, vinegar and lemon. It can take a little more effort, but the thought of not using manufactured products is great. I have made up solutions and put them in containers so they are ready to use.

In the kitchen we have an old plastic white sink, which shows up any stain. To clean this before I had to use strong bleach cleaner. Now I just use natural eco ingredients to get the same results.

We have produced a set of green ingredients and recipes which we have tried and tested. These will be added to as we try more recipes for cleaning different items.

Remember to try new products on a small area first to ensure it does not damage the surface first. As yet we have not found any problems with the recipies we have used.

If you do not have the time to make your own cleaning products have a look at the eco friendly cleaning products which are available.

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Did you know?

On a cleaning day in a typical home, levels of chemicals in the indoor air can be hundreds of times higher than the outdoor air than in the most polluted of our cities.

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