Global Warming Hoax

Global warming map - 2001-2005 mean temperature (provided by NASA) Is Global Warming a hoax or myth? This question has produced lots of discussion from scientists, politicians and the general public over the years.

Conspiracy theories abound: Environmentalists claim that scientists who say global warming is a hoax are in the pay of the oil companies. Other people claim that global warming is a world wide hoax made up by the Governments of the world in order to raise taxes.

It's true that the Global Warming hoax debate has created more heated discussion and arguments than probably any other in the past thirty years, and that global warming hoax theories - both for and against - abound on the internet, on television and in the printed media.

A single section of our web site can hardly do justice to the Global Warming hoax topic, but we hope it will give a little more information on the subject.

To make this topic easier to read, we've split it down into different sectinos. You can read each section in turn by clicking on the links below:

The Earth's Climate The Earth's climate is extremely complex and continuously changing. There are natural cycles of warming and cooling that have existed since the climate itself formed...

Is Global Warming really happening? Is Global Warming really happening, or are the natural climate cycles the answer?

How can we rely on the accuracy of historical climate data? Meteorologists have kept detailed temperature records for over 150 years, but there are ways of identifying annual temperatures over a much longer period of time.

Has Global Warming happened before? Higher temperatures on earth are not unknown. During the Upper Cretaceous Period, temperatures were far higher than they are today...

Does this prove Global Warming is part of a natural climate cycle? The world during the Upper Cretaceous Period looked very different than it does today. Whilst many of the continents had already started to arrange themselves in the way we see them today, the land mass was divided into Northern and Southern continents with a vast sea across the Equator...

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Did you know?

The Earth has natural cycles of warming and cooling that have existed since the climate itself formed.

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