Glasses Recycling

Glasses recycling helps people in the third world see more clearly.

Every year thousands of people have to replace their glasses with a new prescription, but what can be done with your old pair of spectacles?

It is estimated that 300 million people in the third world would need glasses to lead a normal life.

How can glasses be recycled?

Check with your optician if they can take your old glasses to be recycled. Most opticians now offer this facilcity in conjunction with the charity Vision Aid Overseas.

How does Vision Aid Overseas help?

First of all the glasses need to be checked and any glasses that are in poor condition need to be disposed of.

The glasses are then sent to prisons where the prisioners have been trained to clean grade and pack the glasses ready to be sent to the third world countries.

The glasses are then shipped to overseas projects, where examinations take place and the glasses are then matched to the persons requirements.

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Did you know?

10% of the world's population, are at a disadvantage by poor vision and lack of glasses

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