Energy Saving Windows

Energy saving windows can reduce the heat loss in your home

Window Insulation

One of the cheapest ways to reduce your heat loss from your windows is to fit a draft excluder around the window frame. Draft excluder or door and window seals are available in most DIY shops. Look at our simple instructions on how to fit a window seal.

Closing curtains

Especially in winter, close your curtains when it is dusk. It is surprising how much heat is retained in the room just by taking this simple step.

Energy saving windows - secondary glazing

Secondary glazing has a few benefits including, energy saving, noise reduction and increased security. Secondary glazing works by adding a second layer of glass inside your existing window. Secondary glazing can also be fitted for grade one and two listed buildings.

There are some DIY kits available as well as companies who will measure, provide a quote and fit the windows for you.

Energy saving windows - double glazing

The best way to reduce your heat loss is by replacing your windows with double glazing, this is also the most expensive option. Double glazing works by trapping air between two panes of glass which acts as an insulation barrier.

There are several things to look for when choosing new double glazing

  • Check that the company is a member of FENSA (Fenestration Self-assessment) which has been set up by the Glass and glazing federation.
  • Look for the energy saving recommended logo, windows are rated between A for the most energy efficient to G for the least energy efficient.
  • Check the security for the windows, as well as improving your energy saving you can also improve the security of your home.

The advantages of double glazing are

  • Reduce heat loss
  • Security
  • Reduce condensation - it may be that you also need to add additional ventilation to the room
  • Noise reduction

It is worth getting at least three quotes for double glazing; this will allow you to compare price, efficiency and quality. It is worth also speaking to your local independent double glazing specialist.

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Did you know?

Up to 20% of heat can be lost through your windows.

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