Energy Saving Curtains

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Energy saving curtains can help retain the heat in your room, reduce drafts and save you energy.

A good quality curtain will act as a barrier between the window and the room this will reduce the heat loss. In winter it will help to keep the room warm and in the summer the curtains can be closed to keep the sun out and keep the room cool, if the room is not in use.

In the winter remember to close your curtains when it gets dark

What are the best energy saving curtains?

There are many curtains to choose from but buying a heavy weight material or adding a good quality lining, which could either be a blackout or thermal lining will be a good choice. Ensure that the curtains cover the window well and if possible make sure that at least 5cm are below the windowsill.

A thermal lining is only a fraction more expensive than a standard lining.

Another option is to use a blackout blind next to the window. We have these in our bedrooms and find them very effective in both stopping the cold getting through and keeping the light out.

Most soft furnishers will sell thermal or blackout lining and if you cannot make them yourself, they may know someone who can. They can also be purchased readymade, just check the size you need first.

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Did you know?

It is estimated that up to 25% of heat may be lost through your windows.

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