Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco friendly cleaning products are natural and plant based which are both good for your home and the environment.

Eco friendly products are made from natural based ingredients.

Most of the cleaning products we use in the home are hazardous and come with a toxic warning; these are both bad for our own health and the environment.

Eco cleaning products available

There are many eco cleaning products available one of the most common is Ecover which can also be found in your local supermarket. There are other green manuafactures which have the same great cleaning results.

It is also possible to wash your clothes without using and liquids, have a look at the eco washing section to find out how eco balls, magnoball and dryer balls work.

Where to buy

Nigel's Eco Store - eco stuff you'll love sells a wide range of Eco friendly products including washing up liquid, cleaning products, Eco laundry balls, dryer balls, soapnuts, furniture polish and drain cleaner.

Ecotopia sells Ecover, Aciv8 and Bio D. They sell anything from general cleaning, laundry, dishwashing, cloths and brushes. They also sell professional cleaning products and bulk suitable for the family or business.

BigGreenSmile sells Ecover, eco laundry balls, cloths, brushes and method specialist cleaners, which are for windows, marble, granite and wood.

Ecover refill

If you use Ecover it is possible to refill your containers, here is a search for your Ecover local refill shop.

Make your own eco friendly cleaning products

If you are looking to make your own products look at our section on green cleaning.

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