DIY Energy Saving Projects

Green Energy Saving House There are lots of DIY Energy Saving Projects for people who want to either save energy or produce their own energy - a quick surf through the internet will find hundreds of projects for the keen DIYer.

Some of these DIY energy saving projects are very simple, using sunlight to heat up a small amount of water for washing hands at the garden shed, installing a water butt to capture and use rainwater, or installing solar shed light or a garden light powered by a small solar panel.

Other DIY energy saving projects are far more ambitious, such as building a hot-water solar heating system, or building a wind turbine. If you're keen at DIY, all these things can be done at a fraction of the cost of buying an off-the-shelf system.

Here are a few DIY energy saving projects that can be installed in a few minutes that can improve your carbon footprint and improve your standard of living without breaking the bank.

DIY Energy Saving Project - Build a Solar Generator

DIY Solar Generator

This project describes how you can build a solar power generator to generate 240v mains voltage where-ever you want it.

The generator can be designed as a completely portable system running out of a briefcase, or a large system built into a garage or shed.

DIY Energy Saving Project - Solar powered light

Whilst it is possible to run your lighting at home using solar electric panels, this is an advanced project that requires experienced and qualified electricians to install.

There are, however, a number of smaller DIY energy saving projects that can be undertaken. These are especially cost effective where it would be useful to have a solar powered light where there is no electricity - in a remote garage, a garden shed or at the end of the garden.

We have reviewed a number of solar motion lights that can be used either outside and activated by movement, or as small shed lights. You can read the review here: Solar Motion Light Review

Build a high power solar lighting system

DIY Energy Saving Projects - Solar Water Heating

There are lots of different DIY energy saving projects for solar water heating. The simplest takes a few minutes, costs less than £10, and is ideal for producing hot water for a garden shed or an allotment.

More advanced solar water heating projects can be used for supplemental water heating for your home and compare with commercially available units in efficiency.

DIY Energy Saving Projects - The hot water garden tap

hot water solar shower This is a great introduction to solar water heating - and best of all it costs less than £10.

Solar showers can be bought from outdoor shops and camping and caravanning shops. They consist of a basic shower head, a tap and a water tube, plus a large black 'solar collector' water bag.

The water bag is filled with water and then hung up or laid flat in a sunny spot.

The sun heats it up over a period of 2-3 hours and in summer, this system can work extremely well. Unfortunately, heat loss from the bag makes the standard unit useless during colder months in the year.

The solution is simple - place the solar collector in a greenhouse or in a cold frame. The sunlight heats up the solar collector and the glass frame traps the heat inside the collector, stopping it from escaping.

Using this method, it is possible to heat up a good quantity of hot water - ideal for washing your hands or cleaning equipment at the bottom of the garden.

DIY Energy Saving Projects - Making a solar heating panel

Here are two designs for simple solar water heaters that can be built using scrap parts for very small amounts of money. You'll need some basic DIY skills and for your efforts you'll have a fairly efficient solar water heater. The first one, according to the designer, on a hot sunny day the water can scald within a few seconds.

DIY Solar Water Heating Panel 1

DIY Solar Water Heating Panel 2

For a more advanced design of solar water heater, offering similar performance to commercially available units at a fraction of the cost, click here:

DIY Solar Water Heating Panel 3

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Did you know?

Insulating your loft could cost around £250, but saving you around £145 per year.

To get your best out of loft insulation it should be 270mm thick.

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