Cloth Nappy

Cloth nappy Using a cloth nappy will help reduce the waste created by the disposable nappy.

8 million disposable nappies are thrown away every day. It may take hundreds of years for them to decompose because of the plastics they are made from. They also omit methane gas, which is a factor in Global Warming.

You may save around £500 a year switching to a home laundered system, which is a lot easier to use now with new styles of products which have been introduced.

Bio-degradable liners are available which are designed to allow moisture one way and to keep the baby dry. These are flushable.

If you struggle with time and the thought of washing them puts you off, home laundering services are available, which will collect and return normally on a weekly basis.

Cloth Nappy incentive from the government

Some council's are offering incentive schemes of up to £50, if you can prove purchase, have a look on your local council website, to see if it is available in your area.

With new desigs of cloth nappies available, they are much easier to use. They normally have velcro vastening and are now much slimmer than the old style cloth which was used.

There are also swim pants available, which are easy to use and will help contain any accidents.

If you are looking for a cloth nappy but not sure which nappy will suit your baby and your needs, there are various options available there is an article available on the Green Mums website.

This article explains the various designs of nappies and how they can be used.

To purchase cloth nappies have a look at the Green Mums website, which includes nappies, clothing and other green products useful for your baby.

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