Clothes Recycling

Clothes recycling is a good way of disposing of your old or unwanted clothes.

There are several ways in which this can be done: if the clothes are still in good condition why not consider giving them to friends - especially baby and children’s clothes - or donating them to a charity shop or jumble sale?

Clothes and shoes which are no longer usable can still be recycled and the materials reclaimed. There are around 3,000 Textile and Clothing Banks are available throughout the UK, run by local councils, Oxfam and The Salvation Army.

Reclaimed clothing, made from recycled textiles and clothes is available - and a lot of it is very good quality. It is also environmentally friendly, significantly reducing the amount of water and dyes required compared to making clothing from new materials.

Where to look next

There are lots of sites on the web where you can find out more. Here are just a few of them:
This is a great web site that allows you to send in a pair of worn out jeans and get them made into comfortable, casual and great looking sandals!

Snood Revolution
Snood take old textiles and produce great looking, fashionable, one-off designs.

Green World Recycling
Green World Recycling have a UK wide network of collection banks. Read about what they do and how they strive to make a difference.

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