Carbon Offset

Carbon offset is investing in projects that can save carbon dioxide, which balance out your carbon footprint, these projects may be planting trees, investing in solar or renewable energy projects. You may want to offset you carbon for your home, a flight, car journeys or your business.

Carbon Offset - Why not just plant a tree?

Carbon Footprint There are several disadvantages for planting more trees to offset your carbon footprint including.

  • When a tree dies, it rots and releases carbon back into the atmosphere.
  • Planting trees in some areas will change the soil and may affect the range of plant species.
  • In some areas where trees have been planted near streams, the trees suck up the water from the ground and the stream may then dry up for a period of time. This will affect the water available for plants and animals further downstream.
  • Trees also produce methane gas, which is a greenhouse gas, this will add to the problem of Global warming.

Carbon offset - What else can be done?

There are lots of carbon neutral projects in which you can invest, but the best solution is to reduce your footprint as much as you can, this may include investing in energy saving devices and solutions like solar, insulating your home, more efficient electrical appliances and low energy light bulbs.

What carbon offset projects are available?

There are many different projects available to reduce your footprint, these include

  • Renewable energy - projects including wind, hydro and solar.
  • Energy Efficiency - promoting energy efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • Methane Capture - Capture emissions where they are produce e.g. landfill sites
  • Forestry - Working with long term forests, which are already well established

Carbon Offset - Code of best Practice.

The government is putting in place a Code of Best Practice for offsetting Carbon. Offset providers can then choose to try and get accreditation for their projects. This is a voluntary code, but will help people to choose the best carbon offset projects.

When this code is up and running a register of companies will be available on the DEFRA website, which have been accredited.

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