Aluminium Recycling

aluminium recycling symbol Aluminium recycling saves energy: twenty recycled cans can be produced for the same energy as it takes to produce one new can.

Aluminium does not occur naturally in the earth's crust - it has to be extracted from mined bauxite ore and smelted in an energy intensive process.

It is one of the world's most recycled materials.

On average each household uses about 200 cans per year - that's five billion cans across the whole of the United Kingdom.

How can I recycle aluminium?

It's easy to recycle aluminium, as it is normally collected with kerbside collections by your local authority.

In addition, most Civic amenity sites have recycling facilites available. If you are not sure where your local recycling site is check the recycle bank locator.

To store aluminium cans for recycling, you can save space by crushing the cans first with a crusher. This saves space in your bin and makes transporting them easier. Crushing the cans can compact them to around 20% of their normal size.

Some charities collect aluminium cans and benefit by the cash for cans scheme. A quick search through the internet will easily find charities who participate in this scheme. Why not contact one and arrange to get a collection box set up at your place of work?

If you are a charity and are interested in the cash for cans scheme find out how you can get started.

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